Have you noticed some people staring at your baby bump when you are out in public? You must have thought all this strange staring is out of curiosity but these looks are can be something more than that.
You must have heard about many fetishes or kinks like pedophilia (intense attraction toward children and young adults), preggophilia is one of those kinks. As you can see it is composed of two words. Let’s breaks and look at each one’s meaning. Preggo; which is a slang word used to refer to pregnant women and philia is a Greek word that means intense love or the highest form of love. By this, you have guessed the meaning of preggophilia right.

Preggophilia is a love attraction toward pregnant women and their bodies. It comes under the category of love kinks. We define a love kink as a consensual attraction towards any object, animal, and human being that is different from the traditional way. Masochism, sadism and role-play, all come under the category of love kinks. You must be thinking how weird is this kink (preggophilia) but we can date back to the 1990s and 1980s. It wasn’t that famous back then. In the 2000’s many researchers noticed it and many websites started writing about it.

Some Common Symptoms through Which You Can Tell If You Have Preggophilia

These are some of the symptoms of preggophilia

  • You think about pregnant women almost all your leisure time
  • Frequent fantasies about intense scenes with pregnant women
  • You feel aroused and you are unable to control your feelings and emotion when you see a pregnant woman
  • You like to read and watch content related to preggophilia and pregnant women
  • The love behaviors don’t arouse you until your partner involves a role-play related to pregnant women
  • You keep on searching the pictures of pregnant women and save them
  • You keep staring at the baby bumps of pregnant women

Not only men but women can also be preggophiliacs

Preggophiliac is the one who is involved in the act of preggophilia. Although most men have a love kink or fetish for pregnant or pregnant women, there are also many women who like it too. A pregnant woman may be aroused by role-playing as if she is pregnant with her partner. Sometimes this is just a fantasy, and other times the woman is actually pregnant

Hormones can control your love behavior

Our hormones affect our mood and love activity, but researches have shown that the appearance of pregnant women can trigger them and increase their release. The increase in hormones experienced by pregnant women during pregnancy plays an important role in the attractiveness of preggophiliacs to them. Men who get turned on by pregnant women like how attractive the pregnant women are. After all, there is nothing more attractive than a partner who is horny and attractive. In fact, testosterone has been shown to have an effect on fetishism such as preggophilia. This greatly increases attractiveness toward pregnant women

The Confusion between Preggophilia and Pedophilia

Some people make the mistake of combining preggophilia with pedophilia. These two are entirely different from each other, and it is necessary to be aware of the difference between them. Preggophiliacs are attracted to women who are pregnant, while pedophiles are attracted to children themselves. There is no direct attraction to the unborn child itself. In the case of this particular kink, the child could almost be considered accidental.

What Precautions One Should Take in Case of Preggophilia

Choose Your Profession Wisely If You Have Preggophilia

If you have preggophilia, it is advisable not to choose a profession that is related to contact with pregnant women such as a gynecologist if you can’t control yourselves around pregnant ladies. It is also suggested to take guidance to keep your emotions in control.

Don’t Upload Your Photographs

For those who are afraid of the preggophiliacs. Don’t upload photographs of yourself in the period of your pregnancy. There are some preggophiliacs who steal the pictures of pregnant ladies. Not all preggophiliacs are some of them respect the privacy of others but it is better to take precautions if you are worried about the privacy

Control Your Thoughts

Control your thoughts to control your emotions. Thoughts have the power to change the personality of a person. Don’t let the thoughts of any pregnant woman come into your mind. Once a thought related to pregnant women comes to mind when you start visualizing their love then it makes you restless. So it is better to not let the thoughts take over your head. Controlling your thoughts can help to control your preggophilia

Take Help from Therapist

If the situation is not under control and you are facing difficulties in your daily routine and not able to solve your situation for the betterment, I would advise you to take the advice of a medical expert. The therapists will diagnose if you have preggophilia and dig deep down to find the solution. I will advise not to delay taking help; it will only worsen the whole situation.