Necrophilia is a word that comes from Greek and French origin and it is composed of two words; Necros: which means corpses and philia: means love or attraction.

Necrophilia is also called necrolagnia, thanatophilia, necrochlesis, necrophilism, and necrocoitus.

WHO classifies it as a type of paraphilia. Paraphilia refers to an intense interest in atypical fantasies, situations, individuals, and objects that are other than normal. Paraphilias are also known as love perversions. These perversions are intense and persistent. However it is not proven yet, but it can be a result of childhood traumas or any other psychiatric problem. These conditions (paraphilia and necrophilia) are psychological problems.

Necrophilia can also be associated with other paraphilias such as necrophagia (in this disorder a person eats the flesh of the corpses), necrozoophilia (the person has a love obsession with the corpses of animals), necropedophilia (the person has an unconditional attraction to the corpses of children), vampirism (the person is obsessed with drinking the blood of human beings or animals), cannibalism (in this a person eats the flesh of its own species) and many more.

The only difference between necrophagia and cannibalism is that in cannibalism, a person prefers the fresh meat of a living person while in necrophagia the person prefers the meat of a dead person.

What Is Necrophilia?

Necrophilia refers to an intense and persistent interest or obsession with the dead bodies/ corpses. I know this sounds weird but there are many cases of necrophilia reported till now and there will be many that we don’t know yet because there are very few people that talk about it. It is not only common to current ages but can be dated back to 100 years. The Greek mythology also mentions it

In necrophilia a person prefers corpses for pleasure, some only need the bones of the dead and some want to lick the genitals and breasts of the dead for inner pleasure.
Some people eat the fresh meat of their dead loved ones from the spiritual perspective. They think that this is a way through which they can stay closer to their loved ones. This is different from cannibalism.

The people who take care of the graves (funeral and graves caretakers or morgue workers) are mostly associated with this disorder. They dug up the graves and assault the corpses.

Classification of Necrophiliacs

A necrophiliac is one who performs the act of necrophilia.
There are ten types of necrophiliacs.

Class 1 Role-players
In this, a necrophiliac pretends that his / her partner is dead.

Class 2 Romantic Necrophiliacs
Lovers who remain attached to their lover’s dead bodies.

Class 3 Fantasizers Necrophiliacs
These people only fantasize about necrophilia but are not involved in the act of necrophilia.

Class 4 Tactile Necrophiliacs
People get pleasure by stroking or touching the corpses, without engaging in unconditional intercourse.

Class 5 Fetishistic Necrophiliacs
They do not engage in love intercourse, but they get inner pleasure by removing parts of the body from the corpses.

Class 6 Necromutilomaniacs
They also do not engage in inner intercourse, but they get pleasure by mutilating the dead bodies while masturbating.

Class 7 Opportunistic Necrophiliacs
They normally do not take interest in necrophilia but when the opportunity arises, they do become necrophiliacs

Class 8 Regular Necrophiliacs
These necrophiliacs have deep intercourse with the dead bodies.

Class 9 Homicidal Necrophiliacs

They are very dangerous. They kill the other person in order to perform the act of necrophilia and get pleasure from this.

Class 10 Exclusive Necrophiliacs
These necrophiliacs only get aroused by the dead bodies. They cannot involve in illegal acts with normal living beings.

Some Well Known Necrophiles of The history

Sergeant Francois Reece Bertrand (1823-1878): He was a sergeant of the french army. He was found guilty of performing an act of necrophilia and was sentenced to 1 year in jail. He was also known by the name “vampire of Montparnasse”

Earle Nelson (1897-1928): He belonged to America and was involved in homicidal necrophilia. He was a serial killer who mainly targeted landladies. He would first gain their trust and then kill them by strangulating them and then involve in necrophilia with their bodies.

Victor Ardisson (1872-1944): He was also known as “vampire of muy”. He was a graverobber and had an illegal activity with more than 100 corpses.

Carl Tanzler (1877-1952): He was a radiologist. He developed affection towards a young girl who was suffering from tuberculosis. When she died because of the disease, Carl removed her body from the grave and started living with her body in his home for seven years until the higher authorities got to know about this.

John Christie (1899-1954): He used to kill women and then illegally abuse their bodies.

Ed Gein (1906-1984): He belonged to America and was a murderer. He used to collect numerous dead female bodies. He mutilated their bodies and had a bad activity with some of them.