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The Long hairstyle for men can be challenging to cut, and comb, but if you are one of those guys with long hair that can look elegant, these excellent styles are perfect for you! Long hairstyles for men include a type of style, such as the lower cut, the men’s bun (or ponytail), the braid of men, or only allowing your long hair to flow naturally.

In addition to many options, people with long hair also have the luxury or have to comb their hair every day and instead leave the volume, brightness, and speech alone.

Just look at some of the famous men in this world who have used long hair to their advantage: Bradley Cooper, Chris Hemsworth, Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt. Hell, Leonardo DiCaprio has opted for longer lengths and has been released with all blonde Victoria’s Secret models, so at least we have to take a magazine out of his book.

If you are one of the lucky ones who can grow hair in your ears, then it is right for you. Long hair is notoriously difficult to handle and deal with the ‘intermediate’ length is just as bad, but when you get in shape, you have something jealous of the must.

You will notice that most hair wrinkles lengthen once, which is an excellent appearance for Point Break children. If you like straight styles, Jared Leto’s current form is unique too. Below, you will find around 30 of the long hairstyle for men and hairstyles for favorite men from movies, models, and more.

1. Long Blond Hair

This is the first long hairstyle for men. Although men of all hair colors can make long strands blend, long blond hair seems particularly striking. Thanks to the light shade and natural shine, blonde hair generally looks radiant and impressive when used for a long time.

Besides, long blond hair also evokes images of Norwegian gods, which makes it very masculine and impressive. Of course, it also helps to combine this with a beard. Alternatively, if you prefer a surfing style, consider opting for long blonde waves that fall right on your shoulders and avoid excess facial hair.

 Long Blond Hair

2. Classical Half Cover

This sharp style impresses people who know their style and want to excel in life. It shows maturity without feeling old and heavy. Get this style by keeping the hair on top for more extended and narrowing the sides. Clean the hair to the bottom and drop it wherever you want.

 Classical Half Cover

3. Long And Wavy Hair

This is the perfect long hairstyle for men. If you have typically long curly hair, you can effortlessly comb this classic look. Because the longer length can help weigh curls, long hairstyles are even popular among men with thick curly hair.

Also, applying a small product can help make your curls more cohesive and manageable and less likely to produce frizzy hair. You can even add a part to your look to control your locks and make sure your hairstyle has a specific structure.

Long And Wavy Hair

4. Intentionally Messy

This style can be deduced in short, medium, or long lengths. The key to remember is to let your stylist save your hair a lot. Layers and texture will be your friend by creating a deliberate “just get out of bed” look. When you dry your hair, use your fingers to confuse it. You don’t want certain parts in the hair, just natural movements.

A sea salt spray can also be a good idea to use on wet hair for drying and add texture to the hair. Once dry, use a sticky product such as a hair paste or putty, work well on your palms and then divide it through your strands while pulling out your hair.

30 Gorgeous Long Hairstyle For Men

5. Long Hair For Asian Men

This long hairstyle for every man but mostly it’s only about the Asian men. Long hair has been part of many Asian cultures, and although many Asian men now opt for a shorter style, many still opt for long strands. It is also not surprising. In addition to referring to a rich heritage, long hair also looks very elegant in Asian men.

Because Asian hair is often thick, healthy, and fast-growing, it also provides an excellent base for a longer length. Similarly, many Asian men also have straight strands that are ideal for achieving impressive and elegant hair mane.

30 Gorgeous Long Hairstyle For Men

6. Undercut And Classic Top

The wise decision to obtain this perfect hairstyle offers countless rewards. Not only does it look fabulous on almost any face shape, but it is also easy to comb and maintain.

30 Gorgeous Long Hairstyle For Men

7. Long Grey Hair

Do you think long hair is only for young men? Think again. A long mane is suitable for men of all ages, including those who have turned gray. Although many men decide to keep their hair short as they age for a refined appearance, long strands in older men can look seriously elegant. This is the awsome long hairstyle for men who have grey hair color.

Long gray hair with a youthful and fresh look is a style that is worth trying when you play. All you have to want to do is let your gray hair lengthen and rock it with attitude. An excellent closet full of elegant but relaxed pieces will also help you create this look.

30 Gorgeous Long Hairstyle For Men

8. Threads Separated From The Middle

This look can be observed everywhere from the streets of New York to fashion magazines and red carpets. It tells the world that you are comfortable and gentle, with an original style and a good understanding of what looks good.

Threads Separated From The Middle

9. Rock And Roll

You can choose to cut your hair in one length or have a light coat around the face, as shown in this model. When combing your hair, you should use a balm or straightening serum. This will help soften the curls or waves in the hair. If you want to go one level more and get your hair super smooth, once dry, use a hair straightener.

Divide the hair into half-inch sections, starting at the neck, and continue to the top. Hold the iron on the hair, work from the root, and run to the ends of the hair. Finish the terms by applying a hair wash on the conditions.

Rock And Roll

10. Long Undercut

This is the trending long hairstyle for men in every weather. If you are watching for a way to give new life to your long hair, you should consider adding a reduction to your style. Via shaving the sides and back of your hair, you immediately create an incredible contrast between these sections and the long hair that remains on your head.

Then, just let your long strands fall to one side to get a great appearance full of attitude. Alternatively, this style can also work well with a ponytail, man’s knot or bun, which are ideal for warmer months along with formal functions.

Long Undercut

11. Update High Volume

To get an appearance reminiscent of the classic Colin Farrell, use a hairdryer to direct the hair up. Turn the volume down to the sides with a brush. Use texture wax and hair spray for the amount.

This is the best long hairstyle for men who have which like the clean shave. For the dimension, push some threads forward. Look in the mirror. You are an Irish superstar.

 Update High Volume

12. Neat And Separated To One Side

Keep your hair trimmed to shoulder height with a light coat across the ends. After washing and conditioning with moisturizing products that are necessary for longer hair, spray a considerable amount of styling product through your hair. You want control, not a contraction, so make sure it’s a light formula.

Make an exaggerated side part with a comb with beautiful teeth, back with the region, not at an angle. Once your product is inside, and your role is done, take a ventilated brush and dry the hair while working on grasping the hair apart.

Now you sculpted your hair and secured it in shape. Finish with a light ointment to control the crucibles and polish the thin effect.

Neat And Separated To One Side

13. Long Haircut With A Beard

This is the most attractive long hairstyle for men with beards. Long hair makes the explanation but combines it with a beard, and it is even more powerful. So, if you require your long hair to be even more memorable, consider supplementing it with some facial fluff. Just make sure you choose the correct length and style that match the look you are looking for.

For example, long waves combined with a large thick beard will project a wild and robust appearance, while a soft mane combined with subtle stubble will look more refined and feasible.

30 Gorgeous Long Hairstyle For Men

14. Rusty Brown Loose Threads

Medium length hair is the average length for her. Rusty brown is the medial color. The rich tone is between the blond and the black and is a perfect complement for loose threads. This cut requires minimal effort to maintain it and is suitable for any occasion.

30 Gorgeous Long Hairstyle For Men

15. Maintain Control

Long hair can make a grand statement, but substantially long hair is old. As you age, the hair is prone to environmental damage, split ends, and breakage. Eliminate the chances of damage taking care of your hair. Hydrate the hair with a shampoo and moisturizing conditioner.

Do not skip the conditioner if you have long hair. If you are sensitive to fat deposits on your scalp, replace a cream rinse conditioner with a light spray that you only use on the ends of your hair.

Traditional rubber bands will cause breakage, so if you need to tie your hair down, avoid breakage by using groups designed to be less harmful. The heat will also damage your hair, so look for a hairdryer made with a ceramic heating element.

The internal ceramic unit smooths the hair scales instead of opening them and even reduces the drying time! After your hair is dry, add some drops of a liquid shine product to your hands and work on your hair.

30 Gorgeous Long Hairstyle For Men

16. Dreadlocks

Having long hair allows you to show off a series of awesome hairstyles, including dreadlocks. Although the style is not for all gentlemen, it can be an excellent option for those who are willing to try something unusual. Whether you braid your hair or twist it, dreadlocks can look modern and with a unique style at the same time. Its cool long hairstyle for men.

As such, they make a fashion decision that can immediately improve the appearance of their long locks. Make sure you are ready to perform to creating and maintaining this style because it requires work.

30 Gorgeous Long Hairstyle For Men

17. Slicked Back

For children with tufts of medium length, the smooth appearance is as natural to achieve as smooth. A softer alternative to a knot or pony, the glossy back works as well with a tailored suit as with street clothes. For beautiful hair, a high gloss appearance is optimal and can be achieved by scratching your fingers through clean hair with a medium-fixing moist-looking gel.

Children with curly or textured hair can also look like this by sweeping the front of the hair back with an ointment or foam for extra support. Curls can be left mostly intact or broken down for a more worn feeling.

30 Gorgeous Long Hairstyle For Men

18. Simply Long And Straight

While Kort in Steep Haar often seems a bit ordinary, Lange in straight locks looks bold in striking. With little texture in shape, this style shows off all your height without any distractions. That is why it is essential to keep your cut in your ends and to keep them neatly trimmed because they can be seen.

For a slim in stylish appearance, it is also essential to ensure that your hair is healthy. This helps to frizz you reduce in the shine you improve for a sleek appearance. Of course, if your hair isn’t naturally happy about being completely straight, you can always do it too.

This is the most gorgeous and decent long hairstyle for men. Blow-dry your head with a heat-protecting spray in a round brush before applying a serum to fear frizz from flies.

30 Gorgeous Long Hairstyle For Men

19. Beachy

You don’t have to be near the sea to have beach-like hair. Let your beard grow to around chin-length is usually a range over. Let your stylist chip lay in the bottom with a light layer of texture to create extra movement. Believe a sun-drenched look on the hair by asking your stylist for an ombre list (which gets lighter at the bottom in the roots and darkens) of having a few highlights painted randomly on your locks, which becomes balayage.

The beachy long hairstyle for men is mostly used on the beach. The key is that it should seem as natural as possible illuminated by the sun. Traditional highlights with gauze covers can look too strategic. Finish your hair with a sea salt spray for extra texture.

30 Gorgeous Long Hairstyle For Men

20. Long Curls

If you have long, lush hair in curly hair, why not show off in all its glory? Thanks to their natural texture in volume, long curls can be a great look for people with a relaxed style. To complete this look, you naturally have to keep your curls in excellent condition in tame excess frizz.

That is why you should remember to condition your hair regularly, but not to wash it too much. Also, invest in moist hair products in allowing your hair to dry naturally where possible because blow drying can cause frizz in damage. Then all you have to do is report your swept curls from wearing apart.

30 Gorgeous Long Hairstyle For Men

21. Random Wavy Texture

Thick wavy hair nestles well in layered hairstyles. You can use your fringe from the forehead in a little styling product to bring out natural acorn from your hard black locks.

30 Gorgeous Long Hairstyle For Men

22. Long Braids

For men with long hair who like a bold look, braiding can be an excellent option. They are not only uniquely stylish, but they are also versatile in being able to be adapted to different styles. For a subtle braided look, try wearing your hair on a long loose braid at the back of your head.

Or make a lot of tight braids for a striking style, starting with your scalp and working through your long mane. You can even combine your braided look with a ponytail man’s bun for a double dose style.

30 Gorgeous Long Hairstyle For Men

23. Male Pompadour

Pompadour style, which has been hugely popular throughout the centuries, is still trendy. This is achieved with pests for the hair roots generated to create the volume that is further wiped out. Oh, you will notice it in the crowd, especially if natural-looking highlights enhance it.

30 Gorgeous Long Hairstyle For Men

24. Half Up

The drama of loose hair meets the slenderness of a men’s loaf. With the jawline in the neck fully visible, you score severe points with the ladies and keep your hair out of your face – a win/win. A mainstay of the long-haired man recently put on the map by Chris Hemsworth in turn as Thor, when worn with longer strands, this look is most striking.

For or half-up, pull the upper third of the hair back into a tie in a loop in a knot, resulting movement is possible by not tightening too tightly. From most androgynous with day-old hair, the devil-may-care appearance keeps some dry shampoo in the roots working in spritzing ends with sea salt spray water.

30 Gorgeous Long Hairstyle For Men

25. Tight Low Ponytail

This is the simplest in an elegant variant of all hairstyles for men with long hair. It only controls on very straight hair and also requires a small amount of gel for frizzing, taming short unmanageable forests into extra glans.

Tie your hair in a low ponytail in the neck of your neck and then add the hair product of your decision to smooth out everything.

30 Gorgeous Long Hairstyle For Men

26. Long Hair With Part

A new piece can be incredibly striking on large moons. The average separation is better to leave it symmetrical and with straight hair. To get a straight section of the arrow, take a fine-tooth comb over freshly washed hair and immediately pull a sharp line from the center of the hairline before running your fingers with a drop of serum at the ends.

An option for men with softer functions and more structured hair is an unclear side part. Guided by a cap or natural preference, clean most of the hair to one side and train it so that it stays in place by placing it behind the ear.

Use a dry spray with textured roots and define the part near the face with slack wax; Ultimately, this is a style that is best used with a little movement, so be careful.

30 Gorgeous Long Hairstyle For Men

27. Man-Bun

A modern classic, man-bun, is not going anywhere. As versatile as they are, sandwiches are universally flattering and can be adjusted and adapted to the shape of the face. Comb your hair back with fingers and secure it with a tie, so that some tips stand out for a relaxed look.

The length of your hair will decide how high or low you can wear your bun, but for the best exercise, focus just below the crown of the head, with some curly hair on the neck or your free neck.

While men with defined bone structures can use the look as soft as they want, a looser bun is usually the most flattering. For an ingeniously messy male bun, slide the end of a comb under the top to loosen parts of the hair slightly around the face.

30 Gorgeous Long Hairstyle For Men

28. Long Textured Waves

This is the too adorable long hairstyle for men This style has to do with texture and dimension. Made famous by Harry Styles, the look has a deconstructed tuft and waves or a medium texture and density. This look is portable for almost any face shape, but it is more suitable for people with a natural change and a layered cut.

To replicate, apply foam to comb damp hair, clean it and let it air dry or dry with a diffuser that points back the front of the hair. Once the hair is almost dehydrated, take the front and back slightly before placing it with a flexible hair spray. With a playboy appearance and youthful vitality, this is the heart of heart palpitations.

30 Gorgeous Long Hairstyle For Men

29. Ponytail

For those intermediate days or the man at work, bangs are an easy and quick way to comb long hair. Retract the hair with a drop of serum to obtain maximum shine, and one can retain the natural part or retract the hair immediately for a slightly more tangled appearance.

Tie the tie about two or three times for more excellent retention and comfort, and the world is your oyster in terms of softness for this look. To prevent the appearance from being too restrictive or severe, drop some beaches in front of your face or lie behind your ears.

30 Gorgeous Long Hairstyle For Men

30. The Drop -Down Hairstyle

This is also the more trendy long hairstyle for men. This is an incredibly elegant hairstyle that looks great on most men. This style is accessible and can be removed with confidence for any occasion. Although the hair is longer, this look can be used at any time of the year.

The hairstyle is messy, but it also looks professional. With some structured styling cream, you have the flexibility to give it your style. You can push everything down and shake your head to get a natural and wild look, or you can keep things tidier and more professional. It’s up to you!

30 Gorgeous Long Hairstyle For Men

How To Style Hairs

  • Embrace your natural texture, either straight or wavy curly.
  • Try a soft look for a smooth but elegant appearance.
  • Choose a center section if your hair is straight and a side section if it is wavy or curly.
  • To use your hair, consider a ponytail, a bun, or a medium-high look.
  • Select a braided or dreadlocks style for a bold appearance.
  • Keep your hair healthy and receive regular clippings to make sure it always looks good.

The Growth Process for Long Hairs

One of the major mistakes men make when they grow their hair is to let it go. If you do that, you will end up with split ends, uneven hair, and you will probably look like this police photo of the crazy Gary Busey. The goal is to continue addressing your stylist. You don’t want to cut it, but it has texture and is trimmed so that it grows with a healthy glow, not a fatty glow.

Focus on taking a little more time to grow, so it looks like you are using it intentionally. Not as if you were involved in a laboratory experiment that went wrong. By focusing on fashion styles such as samurai during the growth process, you can eliminate the “complicated effect” as your hair grows.

One tip that most men don’t consider is that they should provide energy to the hair. It is a good idea to take some vitamin B7 and other vitamins that strengthen hair follicles.

As your hair begins to grow more, it does so from all angles. The best bet to maintain that distinguished appearance is to first focus on building out of the top, followed by the back and sides. At first, try to keep your back and sides short and adjust them slowly while the upper part of the hair grows.

Because the growth process can be complicated, you want to give the roots the best possible opportunity to germinate healthily and efficiently. You may be moved to cover your head with a hat, but you want to provide as much space as possible to breathe.

It is an excellent idea to offer yourself with hair treatments, as suggested by a trained and recognized stylist based on your hair type. You should also eliminate all the stress on your hair, which means you must make sure it is dry before you comb it. Use high-quality combs, such as Kent’s handmade combs, which do not tear the roots, but slide them through the comb’s teeth.

It may be tempting to incorporate the shampoo or conditioner into your hair, but that is not something you will ever want to do: long or short hair. Instead, gently massage as you would expect from a massage room on a dirt road that asks if you are an agent as soon as you enter the door.

In other words, be careful with that. Healthy hair is a direct reflection of the health of your body. Those who stay fit, eat well, and take care of themselves are much more likely to develop a healthy head with long hair. Think becoming more active and enjoying healthier meals than standard hamburgers and fries.

During the growth process, this is an ideal time to start taking all the hair products and accessories you need for your new product. You no longer use only ointments and gels, so start buying care creams, texture lotions, and finishing sprays to add to your collection.

See our guide to the best hair products for men for a list of the best-recommended products. Although ointments and gels are excellent for short hair, they are usually too heavy for longer strands.

For Long Hairs

Once your hair has become to the length of your choice, now is the time to have it combed. Make an appointment with the perfect stylist in your city and plan to discuss the strategy. A right hairstyle will frame your face thoroughly and focus on your best features, the line of your jaw, and the general shape of your face.

Make sure that the stylist understands it carefully so that he can texturize the hair thoroughly and apply it in layers so that it shows your perfect side. A long hairstyle can make you look distinguished and orderly or if the homeless man in the corner asks for a change. In the end, it’s up to you to keep it, but you need help at the beginning to make it an easy task.

A good stylist can give you enough form so you can perform daily maintenance, which should be more straightforward than if you had short hair. At home, the most important factors to consider are the quality of your tools, products, and accessories. You need the following:

  • High-quality combs and brushes from organizations like (Baxter of California) and (Taylor of Old Bond Street). The last point you want is the cheap combs from the dollar store because they lose their teeth. Hard rubber communications are also excellent!
  • Salon quality shampoo, deep conditioners, and hair treatments.
  • Other hair treatments, such as argan oil, can help keep your hair healthy. Consider talking with your stylist about the different natural treatment options.
  • Hair products such as care creams, finishing sprays, and even gels and ointments, depending on the style and time of the year. Using a lotion to tame unmanageable hair behind the ear can be useful if your hair tends to curl at higher temperatures.
  • A professional quality ceramic hair straightener, hairdryer, and curling iron. I recommend the one from Chi and BaByliss.
  • Good quality hair elastics that hold the hair without pulling.


Whatever you want to do with your long hair, this is the perfect place where you can get many long hairstyle for men. This page has the best ideas for a long hairstyle for men. This should have the best images of men with different designs for long hair.

These are the 30 best long hairstyles for men that will make you compete to make an appointment with your hairdresser. These hairstyles are the most popular and worldwide. Many of them can be used ever at almost any time.