How To Say No In German

How To Say No In German,

What language is Nyet?

Nyet is defined as Russian for no. A Russian man's answer to being asked if he has a light for a cigarette is an example of nyet.

How do you say no to a dog in German?

9. Nein/pfui (no)

What is stop in German?

Take note: The verb halten (to hold) also means to stop, however it is not used much, except for its imperative form Halt. The verb anhalten is much more frequently used.06-Mar-2019

Does 9 mean no in German?

Nein is defined as the German word for no. An example of nein is giving a negative answer to someone asking another in Berlin if they speak German.

How do you politely decline in German?

Nein, danke When you need to politely refuse something, be sure to thank them for the offer with this phrase.09-Oct-2018

Is Nein a bad word?

As we've mentioned, the way to say “no” in German is simply to say nein. It's an easy little German word but if you say it with no other context, it's a little rude.

How do you say no in German?

If you want to say the word “no” in German, you would simply say, “nein.” It sounds very close to the pronunciation of the English word for the number nine.
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