How To Avoid Rattlesnakes While Hiking

How To Avoid Rattlesnakes While Hiking,

What months are rattlesnakes most active?

One good way to avoid snake bite is to avoid trekking areas that are known to be snake territory, especially at night time. You need to keep in mind that snakes are really active when darkness falls. So it is also a good idea to choose going through open trails and to avoid bushes and loose rocks.

Are you more likely to see a rattlesnake while hiking in the morning or evening?

They are most active in the warmer times of the year�spring through early fall�and many of them are nocturnal during the summer months. When favorable temperatures occur, many rattlesnakes are marginally active even during the winter.

How do you scare away rattlesnakes?

In California, northern Pacific rattlesnakes are usually active in late spring through early fall. They're most commonly spotted in the morning or evening, especially if the weather is warmer. Because they are ectothermic (cold-blooded), if the weather is warmer, they prefer to remain under rocks, logs and tree stumps.07-Jul-2020

How do you keep snakes away while hiking?

Tap ahead of you with trekking poles before entering an area where you can't see your feet. Snakes will try to avoid you if given enough warning. When possible, step on logs and rocks, never over them as you may surprise a sheltering snake.13-Apr-2021
, How To Avoid Rattlesnakes While Hiking, Stick to trails, avoid tall grass and heavy underbrush where snakes may shelter out of the heat. Wear long pants and sturdy shoes. Don't wear sandals in bushy, wild areas. Rattlesnakes can swim, so be careful about grabbing what look like sticks or branches in lakes and rivers.

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