How To Avoid Killing Paarthurnax

How To Avoid Killing Paarthurnax,

Should I talk to Arngeir or Esbern?

To begin your lengthy quest for the legendary Scroll, you will need to talk to either Arngeir or Esbern. « If the world is meant to end, so be it. » If you choose to question Arngeir about obtaining an Elder Scroll, you will find him inside High Hrothgar, where he will be reading, meditating, or sleeping.07-Oct-2021

Is it better to side with the Blades or greybeards?

If you want more shouts then side with the Greybeards. If you want an army and abilities to fight dragons better, the Blades.

Is it canon to kill Paarthurnax?

^Not exactly. Killing Paarthurnax itself is a minor detail, but you can't join the blades unless you kill him. If the dragonborn is chronicled as joining the blades in the next game we can assume that they killed Paarthurnax.27-Jun-2018

Is Paarthurnax worth killing?

Skyrim players are asked to slay the friendly dragon, Paarthurnax, but the benefits to sparing his life outweigh the rewards for appeasing the Blades.25-Sept-2021

Can I join the Blades without killing Paarthurnax?

Edit: After you meet Paarthurnax, you cant join the Blades unless you kill him.

How do I cancel kill Paarthurnax?

You can't. You have to go confront Paarthurnax to continue the main story. There is no way to cancel this quest. However, Paarthurnax speaks to you and offers you alternatives to killing him, which you may take him up on.21-Jun-2015
, How To Avoid Killing Paarthurnax, The console command setessential 0 can also be used to avoid killing Paarthurnax, which allows the Blades to be killed instead.

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