This is an outstanding abs workout routine for men and women. We’re going to get your heart rate up and work your core without ever getting down on the floor.

There’s absolutely no equipment required for abs workout. But you may want to grab either a couple of light hand weights or water bottles for extra resistance. 

1. Standing Knee Raise Crunch

 Standing leg raise and crunch or a standing knee raise and crunch you can decide which variation is right for you. Now arms straight over our head and crunch contract those abs and at the same time.

You’re either going to keep your straight leg up or you’re going to bring that knee up and into your midsection and bring your knee as high as you possibly can of course.

If you’re not bringing your knee quite as high. So, that’s okay do the best that you can and just remember to crunch and contract those abs on the movement down stand up nice and big and tall in between repetitions. In this exercise, you have three sets of 10 reps.

So you’re able to actually stretch those abs and then contract them now throughout the course of abs workout. During the abs workout, don’t count any reps because it is all about you working at your own pace.

Abs Workout

2. Bent Over T-Rotation

Bent over T rotation on 45-degree angle arms are hanging down straight. Rotate and look up at that hand and arm and then opposite side keeping our back nice and straight on this one even as rotate here.

That weight back in your hips and using the pair of dumbbells. It encourage you to make this workout your own and use a weight that’s appropriate for your fitness level make sure to breathe get that core tight weight is back in your hips.

Remember In this exercise you have to three sets of 8 rep. You don’t want to be coming forward onto your toes on this one remembering to keep our core nice and tight keep that belly button drawn in towards our spine one rep into the net.

This workout and it starts to get a little bit tougher but you to focus on what brought you here, to begin with, what’s your goal for abs workout

What motivates you what’s your why just keep that at the front of your mind rep by Rep when it starts to hurt just remembering why you’re here will help you.

Make it through to the end you got it to come on to keep pushing the 1 wrap into the next nice and controlled it’s at this one for just 10 more.

3. Opposite Elbow To Knee

Put Opposite elbow to knee and put the feet are a little wider than shoulder-width apart. Opposite elbow up to the knee for this one of course if you can’t bring your knee to your elbow just bring your knee again as high as you can as well as high as your fitness level will allow you to go at your own pace.

But just keep moving and you keep coming back repeating this workout and you’ll be able to get that knee up just a little bit higher.

It actually works as a bit of an active stretch at the same time so definitely getting multiple muscles. It’s not just your abs workout in which the same time working on some added mobility call that a little extra credit.

Every rep actually squeezes those at you got it. In this exercise, you have three sets of 8 reps.

4. Dumbbells Up Overhead

 Dumbbells up overhead feet are shoulder-width apart little bend back in the waist and bring the dumbbells down into our midsection contract and reach them back up.

Actually in which chopping down bringing those dumbbells up overhead through that stretch and the abdominal in and contract. So every time you stretching them bring those dumbbells our hands overhead and then as you bring them into your midsection.

In this workout, you to contract or crunch very similar to a crunching movement but again without having to get down on the ground focus on your breathing and every rep you to squeeze those abs don’t just go through the movement but instead really focus every time. In this exercise, you have two sets of 8 reps.

5. Side To Side Standing Twist

 Side to the side standing twist feet shoulder-width apart weights out in front of you. In this engaging that core not just swinging your arms back and forthright but instead your hips and your abs to come along for the ride and actually turn to try to keep those weights or your hands.

But centered in the middle of your chest your sternum there it is come on keep that weight in your hips through those obliques working on this one you got it.

One rep into the neck every rep gets you just that much closer to your goal. We are not only doing it instead millions of people doing the same abs workout and feeling that same burn. All fighting together to fit tribe.

Let’s go come on keep it twisting you got it and if you’re not feeling challenged on this one enough off the wait use a heavier weight. If it’s too hard so just encourage you to make this abs workout your own either way. In this exercise, you have two sets of 12 reps.

6. Right Left Arm Is On Top & Twist Diagonally

Bend in your knees its reach to your right left arm is on top now turn. Now pivot the right foot and twist diagonally and then back and now put the right hand is on the top left hand is on top so that arm the arm is on top is going to alternate as you chop diagonally and up.

Every time you get a nice full twist in and all this one takes a couple of repetitions to kind of get the hang. Remember, pivoting on that one foot rotate a nice full range of motion coming all the way up with your arms core stays engaged.

Don’t have to do a full squat as you come down just put a bend in your knees and in your hips. In this exercise, you have three sets of 10 reps.

Now change our side and bend your knees its reach to your left-right arm is on top now turn and go down and then left arm sure to breathe they focused on this one. One rep into the neck pushing yourself because nobody else can do it for you and hit it right. This workout will be too beneficial for yours.

7. Dumbbell Straight Up And Overhead & Side Bend

Now to do a side bend to your right side only bend over at the side as far as you can when you can’t bend over anymore go ahead and twist your body reach down.

So then back and the opposite so set as far as you can bending and then twist down and return back up again this one is going to take probably a couple of reps.

Where you really get the hang of it you should be feeling that big stretch in your obliques as you perform that side bend and then you’re calm and back up.

One for those obliques and if you can’t quite reach as far as again. It’s not a big deal if you’re only getting down to your knee and then you come back up the move will still work great and encourage you to customize this to your own needs.

But this is not a one-size-fits-all solution that is for sure. So keep breathing do not hold your breath keep that core engaged throughout. you have to three sets of 8 reps.

8. Pull Our Hands & Right Knee Up

Pull our hands and/or weight down bring that opposite knee up and crunch. So kick that leg back every time light touch on the ball that foot and then back up trying your best to extend.

All the way up and every time not just about the contraction it’s also about that stretch one wrap into the next as you get the hang of.

It a little bit faster you can pick up the pace try again to get those arms all the way up in between reps though keep bringing.

Then keep moving that’s the name of the game and don’t give up and think of how good you’re doing. This exercise you have two sets of 10 reps.

Now change the side and arms are up again brought that knee into your chest. You can’t get that knee up all the way remember don’t doesn’t matter how slow you’re moving still focus on your abs workout.

Then keep moving that’s the name of the game and don’t give up and think of how good you’re doing. This exercise you have two sets of 10 reps. This workout is the best for your abs.

9. Left Knee On Front & Kick

Now hands are on route bot behind our head it’s like bending the knees. Kick our hips back as bend over into a good morning and rotate to our left and stretch those abs then back the opposite way.

Now to the right a little harder with the split stance activates a few more stabilizer muscles you decide which variation is right for you.

Maybe start with a neutral one and move on to the split and bending over kicking those that weight back in our hips and stand up and twisting.

So don’t stand up and then twist but twist as you’re standing up. The full range of motion brings that upper body till it’s about parallel to the ground and then coming all the way back up and on the neutral one. This exercise you have three sets of 8 reps.

Now change the side and put the right knee on front and kick our hips back as they bend into a good morning and stretch back move left and right.

Switch those feet the same move just switching the legs working at a pace that’s comfortable for you. If it’s too hard so just encourage you to make this abs workout your own either way because it just makes you a perfect person.


I hope you enjoyed this abs workout and I hope you like it and you’re going to get a lot of benefits. By doing that you can make yourself attractive and make your abs stand out.

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